Japanese meal to prepare the mind and body with a meal matching the season

What is yojo? People are looking for healthy and youthful medicines and foods for all ages. And while medical ・・・

Deficiency in autumn in Japan prepares itself for “food preservation”

Fall is supposed to be a good season. In the autumn, it is the season to heal the body damaged by summer heat ・・・

Difference and recipe of Japanese sweets “Bokodome” and “Ohagi”! Azuki was used for detoxification and amulet

What is the difference between azuki and Ohagi used for detoxification and amulet? “Ohagi” and &#8・・・

Fall of Nijushisekki in Japan 【autumnal equinox】 9/23 ~ 10/7 Autumn with many trouble of drying!

Fall of Nijushisekki 【autumnal equinox】 around 9/23 ~ 10/7:Equinoctial week Every September 23 is set as Autum・・・

Pickles in Japan “Nukazuke” For refrigerators is simple and will not fail!

Raw food “Nukazuke” is amazing! Nurikake pickles … If I live in Japan, I think that everyone・・・

Convenient miso dishes! Easy even during disasters “Miso soup”! Traditional Japanese food

A very convenient processed miso even in the case of disasters and everyday life Miso good for your body. I th・・・

“Furikake”Nutritious plenty of Japanese regular food

“Furikake” is the savior of anorexia Do you not have a loss of appetite from the rainy season to the summer? I・・・

Japanese food culture “NORI海苔” is awesome! Recipe 5 selection – Nori sauce · dressing · Tsukudani

Fishery of the sea “NORI” is a crystal of sea whose nutrient has concentrated! NORI is a unique fo・・・

【Japanese traditional crafts】 Candy work is as beautiful as glasswork

Beautiful design and technology of Japanese traditional crafts Traditional crafts are declining … I thin・・・

Homemade “Japanese pickles” easy recipe 12 elections | Traditional raw food “TSUKEMONO”

Japanese Traditional Raw Food “Pickles” Pickles are a Japanese traditional food “Tsukemono&#・・・

Beautiful Japanese sweets! Technology is delicate and wonderful!

Craftsmanship of the art of Japanese sweets In order to purchase Japanese sweets, I went to a shop with my gra・・・

Pickle of Japan “NUKAZUKE” Nutrition of plant lactic acid bacteria

“NUKAZUKE” is kept in a refrigerator, management becomes easy! When I say NUKAZUKE, there is an im・・・

The nutrition of “natto” is wonderful! Power up when you eat at night! Traditional Japanese food

Natto is a food ingredient like a representative that everyone knows, “It is good for your body!” ・・・